Interface Overview

It is important to know the key elements of the interface and to know your way around the app.

SETTINGS Tap on the gear icon to open your account settings. In this place, you can edit your profile, or change your password and email addres.

PRIORITY The list of tasks that you consider to be your priorities; you decide what shows up here by marking the tasks with a star.

INCOMING Here, you’ll find all the tasks that involve you: this includes tasks that have been delegated to you, as well as ones in which you were @mentioned. You decide what to do with them - you might just read them and mark the as Reviewed or you might star them and move them to your Priority list. This is your team communication control center – make sure you open this view regularly to be up to speed.

ACTIVITY Here, you’ll see all the changes that have occurred in the projects you follow: new comments, new tasks, checklist progress, etc. as well as the newly created projects.

SINGLE TASKS You can add here all the tasks that don’t fit into any other project. Only you can see them.

PROJECTS All of the team’s open projects, the projects you create or to which you’ve been invited. You can choose to follow a project to get notified of its progress. You can also organize your Favorite projects to have them on top of the list, always at hand.

TAGS Use them to group the somehow connected tasks from various projects.

TEAM Here, you’ll see all the people within your team and the projects and tasks they are working on.

To access SETTINGS, Log Out or send us feedback, click on the cog icon on the top of the left-hand side menu.