When do I receive notifications?

You can receive notifications when:

Remember that your notifications are private. If you set a reminder for a task, only you will be notified about it, and it will be visible in the Reminders section in Incoming.

All tasks you are notified about will automatically appear on your Incoming list.

How to set up reminders?

Do you have an urgent assignment and want to be sure you won’t forget about it? You can set up a reminder for a task so Nozbe will notify you about it at the chosen time.

Open a task and tap on “Remind me” to do this.

You can choose from the list of possible options (1), or you can enter your date and time (2).

Please, note that you can set a reminder even for tasks without any due date.

It is also possible to set more reminders for one task. To do this, tap on the reminder button again and choose one more date.

Also, you don’t have to choose the exact time. If you set a reminder only for a day, Nozbe will notify you at 9 am of the day when the task becomes due.

Delegation and mentions

If someone delegates a task to you, you will be notified about it.

The same happens when someone uses a @ with your username in a comment.

If you want to notify others, you can add a mention to your comment. You can choose one of the following mentions:

No notifications - what to do?

If you don’t receive any notifications, even though you should, please go to Settings on your mobile device and check whether notifications from Nozbe are allowed.

Turn on the Notifications on iOS device

On your iOS device, you need to open the system’s Settings -> Apps and choose Nozbe from your app list. Then tap on the Notifications and activate the “Allow Notifications” option.

Turn on the Notifications on Android device

You can turn on your push notifications directly in the app’s Settings on an Android smartphone. Go to Settings -> Notifications settings and turn on the “Show notifications” option. You will be able to choose different kinds of notifications then.

Notifications on Android app

Notifications on Android are divided into two groups:

You will receive Time-Sensitive notifications when they are sent on your device from our servers.

Other notifications may not come up exactly the moment they are sent. It can happen when your phone is, e.g., in Doze mode (you didn’t use your device for a longer moment). You will receive this kind of notification during the routine notifications check or when you receive a Time-Sensitive notification from any other app.

Thanks to this, Nozbe won’t drain your battery during the day.

Notifications on Web / PWA app

You can also receive notifications from Nozbe in your browser or PWA app. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge support web notifications.

When you log in to your Nozbe account in one of those browsers, you will see the following message:

Tap on “Got it” to activate the notifications. If you tap on the “Close” button, you will not receive web notifications from Nozbe.

If you choose to receive them, you will have to confirm it again within the browser or PWA app.

When you receive a web notification and click on it, you will open a tab with the task mentioned in that notification.

Notifications via email

It is also possible to receive notifications via email.

If someone mentions you, but your mobile device is inactive, or you haven’t installed the app yet, you will receive a notification by email.

You can stop it by installing the app or clicking the unsubscribe link in an email.