When do I receive notifications?

You can receive notifications when:

Remember, that your notifications are private, which means that other user won’t receive the same notifications as you do.

Task with notification will automatically appear on your Incoming list.

How to set up reminders?

Do you have an urgent assignment and you want to make sure you won’t forget about it? You can set up a reminder for a task so you will be notified about it at the chosen time.

To do this, open a task and tap on “Remind me”.

You can choose from the list of possbile options (1) or you can enter your own date and time (2).

Please, note that you can set a reminder even for tasks without any due date.

It is also possible to set more reminders for one task. To do this, simply tap on the reminder button once again and choose one more date.

Also, you don’t have to choose the exact time. If you set a reminder only for a day, you will be notified at 9 am of the day when the task becomes due.

Delegation and mentions

If someone delegates a task to you, you will be notified about it.

The same happens when someone uses a @ with your username in a comment. To send a notification to everyone in a project, just use ‘@project’ in the comment field.

No notifications - what to do?

If you don’t receive any notifications, even though you should, please go to Settings on your mobile device and check whether notifications from Nozbe are allowed.