What Are Tags?

Tags are used to categorize your team tasks by e.g., places or tools required for task completion.

You can use them to group various tasks and do them in bundles unrelated to the project but related to a particular aspect used.

Tags List

Tags are right below your project list in the Nozbe Teams left menu.

When you tap on it, you will see all the tags you and your other team members have created so far.

Creating a Tag

There are two ways to create a tag.

1. Use the “Add new tag” button in the left panel

It’s the quickest way to create a new tag- directly in the list.

Tap on the “Add new tag” button to add it.

You can now type the name of a tag, as well as set its icon and color. Tap on “Create” to add this tag to your list.

2. Create a tag in the “All tags” view

Tap on the “All tags” button in the left panel to open it and then tap on the violet “+” sign at the bottom.

Now you can name your tag, add color, and an icon. Don’t forget to tap on the “Create” button to add it to your tag list.

Adding or Removing a Tag to/from a Task

You can add a tag by choosing one from the details of a task.

You can pick one or more tags and tap on “Done” to confirm your choice. All selected tags will be added to your task.

If you wish to remove a tag from the task, open the task details again and click on the button now stating the given tag name, unmark it, and confirm the change.

Tags Information

When you choose a tag from your “All tags” list, you can see all tasks from all the projects with this tag.

You can also edit the tag information and access additional options tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner.

  1. Rename - you can change the tag name,
  2. Color - you can change the color,
  3. Icon - you can change the icon,
  4. Show all completed - you can display the completed tasks with this tag,
  5. Copy task list link - you can generate a link to this task list,
  6. Favorite - you can add this tag to your “Favorite” tags list.

Sharing Tags

If you add a tag, it will automatically become available to other team members. Please note that in Nozbe Teams, every tag is visible to all other team members. They will see it on their tag list and all the tasks that are linked to it from the projects they have access to.

They will also see the tag icon that you selected but no color. The color of a tag is individual, and each team member can set his color for each tag.