How to create a project

It’s very easy to create a new project in Nozbe Teams. To do so, open All Projects list in the left-hand side menu, and select the purple “+” icon to open the project set-up form. You can tap on the “Create New Project” button visible in the “Followed projects” section in the left panel and create a project this way.

But that’s not all. You can also open a task, tap on its project attribute, and create a new project directly there.

New projects are per default open, which means that they are visible to anyone in your team. Thanks to it, you can immediately start working on them and assign tasks to your team members. Other team members can edit the names of open projects as well as change their purposes and grant or remove access to them.

Of course, you can create a private project as well, or invite selected people from your team by choosing the “Invited members” option while setting it up. Your team projects will be marked with a “dot”, invitation-only ones with a “ring”, and the personal projects will have a padlock icon next to their names.

Followed and favorite projects

If a team member creates a new project, it will appear in Activity view of other team members.

If a project is important to you and you want to stay up to date about changes, then you should follow it. Tap on the newly created project’s name in Activity and choose ‘follow’. From now on, you will see new comments in the tasks from this project in your Activity section. You can also easily access the followed projects directly from the sidebar on the left.

Mark the most important projects as favorite. They will be displayed in an apart section in the sidebar (right above the followed projects list), and you will be able to access them easily.

Under the ‘Project’ headline you will see the list of all projects you follow. If you want to see the list of all projects you are added to (also the ones you don’t follow), tap on this headline.


Sometimes tasks in a project serve different purposes, especially when a project is vast and complicated. So to keep your workload in order, use project sections! Put your tasks under various sections to get a better view of your project. To create a new section, tap on the project’s name and use ‘Add section’.

When creating a new task, you can choose a “+” icon in a specific section to make sure the new task will belong right there.

Project’s details

Enter a project and tap on the three dots next to its name in the top bar. You can see different options in the drop-down list:

  1. Rename: use it to change the project’s name
  2. Purpose: you can describe what is the purpose of this project. It is very useful especially in shared projects
  3. Color: use color to highlight your project
  4. Members: tap on it to see the list of users you share this project with. Here you can also add new users to this project
  5. Show all completed: it will allow you to see completed tasks
  6. Add section: you can divide your project into different sections. It is helpful when your project is getting bigger and more complex
  7. End project: use it to mark your project as completed
  8. Copy task list link: you can generate a link to your task list
  9. Following: the projects you follow are displayed as first in the sidebar on the left
  10. Favorite: mark your project as favorite to see it on the top of the list on the right side.

How to Remove Someone from a Private Project?

In case you wish to remove a person from a private project, click on the “…” (three dots) button next to the project’s name (1) and choose “Members” section. In this view, you can remove this person from the project. Use the “Remove from Project” option (2). Please save the change and then tap on the “Confirm” button again.