Nozbe Teams Pricing

How much does Nozbe Teams Premium cost?

Nozbe Teams is really affordable if you want to use it in your team. The app is meant for team cooperation, so you pay for the number of accounts for users you want to collaborate with. Here you will find the current prices for our plans calculated per month if you decide to pay for the whole year in advance.

Here are the prices we’re aiming for to make Nozbe Teams Premium affordable for the teams of all sizes:

With these plans the teams can create unlimited projects where people can either invite everyone on the team or just a few people or just themselves.

Set up your team for free

Nozbe Free

Nozbe is completely free for teams up to

Also as a free user you can’t nominate team admins. So if your teams grows and you need more users or/and projects, consider choosing one of our Premium plans.

Why upgrade to Premium?

As you can see, many functions are limitted on Nozbe Free. As a Premium user, you don’t have to worry about any limitations and you can benefit from Premium features: