Intro to Nozbe Teams

Help small teams do great things

Nozbe Teams is an entirely new app designed by the makers of Nozbe, a productivity tool used by more than 500,000 people around the world. Nozbe Teams is an entirely new app made to help small businesses and teams communicate better and focus on their best work We think any team between 5–50 members will benefit from a tool like Nozbe Teams.

Nozbe Teams is our solution for you and your teamm.

Why Nozbe Teams is a Must-Have Tool?

We believe Nozbe Teams is the future of team productivity. So here is why:

Your team will get projects done faster thanks to:

Your team members will learn good productivity habits

You will work more efficiently by moving away from email and chat

Nozbe Teams’ current status

Currently, Nozbe Teams is in private beta phase. It means that gradually more and more teams will be invited to give it a try. Please remember that the beta status means that we will be adding new features and the current app will be changing over time.

What Are the Features?

Please remember that not all features will be available right from the beginning in the beta phase. They will be added gradually.

Can I Migrate My Data Now?

No, not yet. If you want to try Nozbe Teams with your team, you’ll have to set up projects and tasks from scratch. There’s no way to import your data to Nozbe Teams at this moment. We will be assisting with data migration after Nozbe Teams has been launched officially.