Slack Integration

How to connect Slack with Nozbe Teams

With the Nozbe Teams integration for Slack, you can create new tasks and receive notifications on the ones you’re already working on in Nozbe Teams - all without leaving Slack!

With this integration, you can:

First, you have to connect your Nozbe Teams account with Slack. You will find detailed instructions on our website.

How to add tasks to Nozbe Teams directly from Slack

To add tasks from Slack messages, use the message action menu (3 dots button). If you don’t see Nozbe Teams action in this menu, go to “More messages shortcuts.”

Add tasks from Slack

Now set the task’s parameters and the comment. You can also set an assignee and a project.

Set the task's parameters

The newly created task will have a direct link to the original message.

The newly created task

How to get Nozbe Teams’ notifications in Slack

To make sure you have this turned on, go to integration settings by typing ‘/nozbe settings’ command in Slack.

Integration Settings in Slack

Now Nozbe Teams will send you a message once someone mentions or assign a task to you in Nozbe Teams.